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Eleven artists our editors adore

Eleven artists our editors adore

Fine art photography is one of the most complex, diverse and fascinating realms of the art world. Discover eleven talented JUNIQE artists who look behind the lens.

Airpixels Media

Airpixels Media, aka Tobias Hägg, skilfully captures sizeable contrasts in the relationship between Mother Nature and the people who live alongside her. Equipped with a drone, he soars to new heights to explore our planet’s breathtaking beauty from a bird’s-eye view. His stunning aerial photography is a testament to the miniscule magnitude of humankind.


Another artist examining the world from above is Roberto Hernandez. His sharp compositions artfully showcase a top-down view of an urbanised planet, one where we are part of the scenery. Our perceptions are put to the test as we begin to comprehend the implications of our existence—his work is a feast, both for the eyes and for the mind.


Tal Paz-Fridman

While Israeli photographer Tal Paz-Fridman stands with two feet firmly rooted to the ground, he urges us to keep our heads in the clouds. Transcending into a conceptual sphere, he invites us to come up with our own interpretations of his photographs. What makes a cloud a cloud? Is it its shape? The light? Or simply its presence in space?

Pale Grain

Someone who never ceases to sweep us off our feet with his nostalgic and vintage photographs is Swedish artist Mert Sahbaz, aka Pale Grain. His body of work is reminiscent of Pictorialism, an early 20th century aesthetic movement in which photographs were visually manipulated to encourage viewers to tap deeper into their emotions and imaginations. His pristine takes on nature and tantalising textures emanate a vibrancy and sense of allurement.


Kevin Russ

This Oregonian has a knack for being in the right place at the right time. Cutting-edge photographer Kevin Russ leads what seems like a nomadic dream life. Armed with his iPhone, he travels the world in his car, living forever as an artist on the move. ‘Blooming Desert’ is by far our favourite piece in his portfolio. Kevin shot this photograph in Tonto National Forest, Arizona, in the brief window in time when the usually barren landscape bursts into bloom.

Chris Abatzis

Another photographer who spends a significant amount of time on the road is Chris Abatzis. From melancholic mysticism to bright optimism, his distinct photographs convey the atmosphere that surrounds each of his subjects in a uniquely crisp way. While many of his observations depict hazy, dream-like scenes, he also has a penchant for portraying the female form in a notably tender light. We are especially fond of his innate ability to evoke feelings of vulnerability from his viewers.


Svenja Trierscheid

We are struck by the ever-present sense of trust emanating from Svenja Trierscheid's models. Her subjects allow her to step inside their personal spheres, resulting in a truly intimate series of photographs. Her sensibility for proximity is also recognisable in her city photography—as if to take us by the hand, she invites us to examine metropolises from a frog perspective.

Charlotte Curd

If there were ever an award for photographers gifted with the ability to capture the joy in the world, it would go to Charlotte Curd. She artfully succeeds in recording strikingly cinematic scenes from everyday life—admiring her work, we can’t help but notice how much her aesthetic reminds us of Wes Anderson’s Grand Budapest Hotel. Need we say more?


Jens Ochlich

You don’t have to be a car enthusiast to appreciate Jens Ochlich's automotives. Capturing West Coast scenes and scenery, the US-based, German-born photographer portrays vintage vehicles against Californian backdrops. The result is a refined and free-spirited collection of close-ups that fully embody the American Dream.

Shot by Clint

Shot by Clint takes us on the visual safari of a lifetime. We venture into the African wild to explore the extraordinary textures and patterns that reveal themselves in the continent’s landscapes. His stunning collection of botanical and animal photography radiates serenity—yet the sombre undertone that runs through his body of work acts as a soft cry to respect our planet.

Tan Kadam

Illustration, photograph, or illusion? Tan Kadam's distinct flower imagery reminds us of botanical lithographs from yesteryear. By removing his subjects from their natural surroundings and placing them in solid-coloured settings, he draws attention to each plant’s intricate details and abstract simplicities—living testimony that, of all the artists in the universe, Mother Nature is certainly the greatest.


Text: Laura Veneklaas

Translation: Maia Frazier