Wall Art Sets

Looking for the perfect match? Discover our handpicked wall art sets, personally selected by our team of curators. Browse by quantity, room, style, arrangement or colour and find the right poster set for you. Creating your own gallery wall has never been easier.


Couture Mexicaine

from 249 kr


from 438 kr

Dreamers, Lovers & Doers

from 557 kr

Greta Magnolia

from 627 kr

Summer Holidays

from 727 kr

Wide Awake

from 597 kr

Misty Mornings

from 598 kr

Sail Away With Me

from 917 kr

Lovers - Takeshi Marumoto

from 299 kr

A Dreamer’s Paradise

from 767 kr

Softest Shapes

from 746 kr

Pastel Pastries

from 548 kr

Venice Desert

from 1 105 kr

Apricot Daydreams

from 947 kr

To the Moon and Back

from 977 kr

I Dreamt of Crystal

from 847 kr


from 299 kr

Dangerous Animals

from 687 kr

Tropical Gradients

from 598 kr

Llama Unicorn

from 119 kr

Hippity Shape Hippity Hop

from 428 kr

Thinking of Sunsets

from 438 kr

When I Was a Butterfly

from 917 kr

May Mornings

from 617 kr

Float Like a Bird

from 299 kr

Cactus Candy

from 498 kr

Mercury's Magpies

from 627 kr

Comme un rêve

from 847 kr

Cosmic Rain

from 627 kr

Pizazzle Animazzle

from 507 kr

Ethereal Elements

from 866 kr

Pale Sky

from 607 kr

Ananas Comosus

from 299 kr

Pink Horizons

from 557 kr


from 598 kr

Dreamers, Lovers, Doers

from 677 kr