Wall Art Sets

Looking for the perfect match? Discover our handpicked wall art sets, personally selected by our team of curators. Browse by quantity, room, style, arrangement or colour and find the right poster set for you. Creating your own gallery wall has never been easier.


Take Me to Venice

from 537 kr

Sunshine in Your Kitchen

from 627 kr

The Fruit Alphabet

from 996 kr

Couture Mexicaine

from 249 kr

Dreamers, Lovers & Doers

from 557 kr

The Perfect Pie

from 378 kr


from 299 kr

State of Mind

from 916 kr

Burgers & Hip Hop

from 548 kr

Love Your Neighbour

from 856 kr

Epitome of Cosiness

from 756 kr


from 797 kr

Sail Away With Me

from 917 kr

Empire of the Rising Sun

from 617 kr

Infinitely Indigo

from 498 kr

The Secret Garden

from 507 kr

Pastel Pastries

from 548 kr

Call Me Old-Fashioned

from 598 kr

Drink More Gin II

from 299 kr

Petit cours de français

from 189 kr

Fruit Party

from 548 kr

Coffee for Ruma

from 249 kr

Brush Strokes

from 299 kr

Geometric Morning

from 299 kr

Ananas Comosus

from 299 kr

Geometrical ABC - White

from 189 kr

Pink Horizons

from 557 kr


from 598 kr