Wall Art Sets

Looking for the perfect match? Discover our handpicked wall art sets, personally selected by our team of curators. Browse by quantity, room, style, arrangement or colour and find the right poster set for you. Creating your own gallery wall has never been easier.


Nordic Abstraction

from 677 kr


from 299 kr

The Blues

from 687 kr


from 299 kr


from 598 kr

Misty Mountain Triplet

from 897 kr

Love Your Neighbour

from 856 kr

Icy Waters

from 617 kr

Deep in the Sea

from 866 kr

Lofoten Walks

from 249 kr

Summer Never Ends

from 378 kr


from 249 kr

Endless Pools of Summer

from 189 kr

Paris, je t'aime

from 548 kr

The Abstraction of Reality

from 797 kr

Sundays by the Sea

from 976 kr

Shark Bay Triptych

from 897 kr

Munich Lover

from 677 kr

Art of Play

from 498 kr

Young Boy

from 299 kr

Be a Snowflake

from 498 kr

Butterflies 10

from 299 kr

Pop Soup

from 438 kr

Santa Monica Beach Hut

from 249 kr

Ethereal Elements

from 866 kr

A Dip in the Pool

from 438 kr

Woman in Gold

from 756 kr

Summer in the City

from 737 kr

Sky & Sea

from 847 kr