Anna Albertine Baronius a.k.a. Studio Nahili took us on a walk through Berlin’s forever-trendy neighbourhood Kreuzberg, invited us into her home and guided us on a tour of her studio:

Anna, can you tell us more about your artist name? What does "Nahili" mean and in what way does it represent you?

I made up the name as a child. I wanted it to sound African, because I was fascinated with the continent. Much later, when I founded the label, I remembered it and thought it was fitting, given that my love for travel and curiosity for the new have been lifelong passions.


What did your path to becoming a designer look like?

Creativity and design have always been part of my life. I studied product design and worked in various offices in Valencia and Berlin, before going freelance. Since then, I’ve been working as an interior stylist and also busy developing my label with Studio&Shop here in Berlin.

Anna, there are seven, little things we always wanted to know about you. Here goes:


Favourite colour? Surprise: White! It exudes so much peace and strength.

Favourite neighbourhood? Wrangelkiez.

Favourite place in Berlin? Along the canal.

Favourite tea? Fresh garden herbs (unfortunately not ones I picked myself).

Favourite tool? My camera.

Favourite plant? Pilea, but I like to call it ‘pom pom tree’.

Favourite design on ‘Endless Summer - Wind & Water’, they always radiate holiday vibes.


Your apartment is your temple. How do you keep your home always looking so perfectly pristine?

'Always' is relative—in fact, I seem to only have the ability to clean before shootings. As an interior stylist and photographer, I of course have an eye for what looks good on camera, so that get’s to stay. I then sweep the creative chaos out of sight and into the cupboards…


How do you picture your life in 30 years?

Very similar to what it is today—I’d like to be doing do exactly what I love. I really hope that a peaceful life will be possible in this world someday, and that we won’t have totally destroyed our environment. Otherwise my wishes are pretty ordinary—having my own garden (for the fresh tea), and for the family and friends who come to visit me…


Thanks Anna!