Turkish designer Sinan Saydik is based in Istanbul where he runs his own print studio. Sinan’s typography-savvy designs take his viewers on a journey through words of wisdom and fun mottos to live by. We sat down with him over an Efes and had a chat about Istanbul’s bustling art scene, how he finds happiness and what he would say to Beyoncé if he were to meet her in person.

What’s your favourite drink at Happy Hour?

I usually drink beer at Happy Hour.


You live in Istanbul. How would you describe the city’s art/design scene? What makes it unique?

I think Istanbul is one of the most inspiring cities of the world. These lands were home to the Byzantine Empire, the Ottoman Empire and the young Republic. And you can see footprints of these three cultures as you travel through the city’s streets. Istanbul is where everything comes together—old and new, East and West, modern and traditional. This makes it an exciting and inspiring place to be.


If we were to visit you there, which secret spot would you take us to? Why is this place special to you?

There are so many beautiful places in Istanbul. But the two places where I am most happy are the Karaköy and Moda districts. This is where I can really feel the dynamics of the city; people like myself can have a grand time here. You can find great restaurants, bars, concept stores, coffee shops, the list goes on. These places are active spaces for people who like art and design.


You are a textile design graduate, have worked as a graphic designer and create typography-focussed artwork on the side. Tell us a little bit about your involvement in these different parts of the design world.

I believe that design is a point of view. If you have the necessary aesthetic, vision and skills, you can succeed in many design branches. The rest is left up to technicalities. I don’t think that the design fields differ to greatly from one another. The point is what you are focused on and how much effort you put into it.

I’ve spent my entire career in the textile and fashion industry. I would define my area of expertise as a graphic designer of the fashion industry. In my last job, I was the head designer of a graphics team at one of Turkey’s biggest fashion eCommerce brands.

Last year, I quit my day job and opened up my own print studio. Since then I’ve been focused on the creation of my typographic and geometric artworks. In 2017 I plan to launch a new collection by screen printing textile products.


What makes you happy?

Good food and coffee with friends and family is enough to make me happy. Right now, all I want is peace in my country and in the world.


Where do you find the inspiration for the words, quotes and sayings on your designs?

I find my words in many different places. We all come face to face with hundreds of words every day, be it on the street, social media, TV...I am mostly influenced by words that are current and trendy.


Tell us a little bit more about your fascination with Beyoncé. If she sat down next to you in a restaurant, what would you say to her?

Believe it or not, I am not actually a Beyoncé fan. I like her iconic role in pop culture. I think it’s very funny. If she sat down next to me, I would turn to her and say “Don’t Worry. BeYoncé.”


What is the most memorable thing anyone ever said to you?

“Sinan, wake-up, son!” - Mom.


If you could give young designers one line of advice, what would it be?

Be simple and unique.


Love or coffee?

Coffee with my love.

Thanks Sinan!