Christmas—the feast that makes your heart beat with excitement and palpitate with anxiety. From the intricate decorations, season’s greetings cards, and work Christmas party, to the big day itself, there’s a ton to organise. But Christmas is a time of a giving and that means: gifts galore! Besides a pile of presents under the tree, you might just find yourself drawing an office Secret Santa name out of St. Nick’s hat. Finding the right gift for your nearest and dearest can be challenging enough, let alone your colleagues—it can be quite the treasure hunt! Here at JUNIQE, we also have our own Secret Santa tradition to get us into the festive spirit. Here are our pro tips for finding the perfect present:

Pro tip 1: Rack your brains

Jackpot! You drew your best mate’s name. However, that only increases the pressure to find the proverbial holly on the Christmas pudding, the powdered sugar on the mince pie, so-to-speak. You get the point—the ideal gift! Is she an Epicurean at heart who put you in a deep food coma just last week with her award-winning spag bol? Then try our selection of gifts for foodies. Maybe he’s got green fingers and a soft spot for mother nature? Well, then help him transform his home into an aesthetic Eden with our gifts for nature lovers.


Pro tip 2: The interweb

So you’re lacking the observational talents of Sherlock and need a few more clues. See if you can give them a quick stalk on social media—Facebook is usually a fruitful source. Once you’ve locked your Secret Santa target, check to see if you can view their interests or the events they’re interested in. If they’ve clicked attending on “Dog Scuba Diving Championship”, they’re probably passionate about our furry, four-legged friends. Elementary, my dear Watson. Take a look at our gifts for animal lovers and find them a beautiful canine poster. Sleuth skills ain’t quite cutting it? You can always just go with our tried and tested top 100 gifts. Or dig a little deeper!


Pro tip 3: Phone a friend

Most people have a work buddy with whom they might just share a teensy, tiny bit more information about their private life than the rest of the office. Find out who this person X, this missing link is, and quiz them about your Secret Santa’s passions, penchants and dreams. What exactly does Carol from Controlling get up to on the weekend? This does, of course, mean revealing which name you drew, but we feel the ends justify the means given the circumstances. For example, if you find out that Carol is a huge cinephile, then you’re sure to find a great gift in our selection of presents for film buffs. Or maybe she’s a fervent yogi? Namaste, Carol—then she’s bound to become completely zen with these yoga gifts.


And finally, relax, take a large swig of mulled wine and remember one thing—besides originality, Christmas is all about the fun. You’ve tried your best and we’ll pass that on to Santa. Karma points guaranteed.

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Text: Laura Veneklaas

Translation: Nicholas Potter