Argentinian artist Romina Bacci a.k.a. Miles of Light takes photos of items she finds in nature and creates beautiful collages. Her viewers are invited to walk in the woods with her countless collections of leaves, feathers, shells, herbs and flowers. We sat down with her over a chat about her relationship with North and South America, as well as how becoming a mother influenced her creative process.

Hello Romina, what‘s your favourite drink at Happy Hour?

I don’t drink alcohol really, but at that time of the day I usually drink mate, a typical drink from Argentina made with yerba mate and hot water.


You were born in Argentina and are currently living in the US. Where do you call home and what makes it that way?

Both are home in different ways. The US is where I live today; Argentina will always be home. It has a special place in my heart, because it’s where my roots are.


Can you tell us a little bit more about the name ‘Miles of Light’?

Miles of Light started as a photographic diary to document moments in my life and my trips between North and South America; a way to fill the distance between 5,000 miles of land, air and light. Then my work evolved into the elements from nature collections, but I kept the same name.


You often work with items you find in nature. What is your favourite material? Why?

Leaves! They transform right in front of your eyes. I love photographing them when they are fresh and soft as well as when they are dry, changing colors and shapes.


Talk us through the process of how you create your collages.

Well, that has changed since I became a mother. In the past I used to create the collages with the real pieces. But after my son was born, I no longer had time to go on walks and pick up leaves, flowers and stones, and then create the collages. 

And so I started creating them digitally using images I already had as well as scanning new items. This is a little less fun of course, but I then discovered a much wider range of possibilities for creating my collages. When I can't finish one, I simply save the file instead of leaving a messy desk!

Do you feel inspired by other artists? Who and why?

My source of inspiration is nature, but I admire creativity in any form. I'm always drawn to the work of artists who do something I would love doing—ceramists, jewellery or textile designers, wood workers. Their spaces and lifestyles spark my imagination.


If we were to step into your work-space, what would we see?

A beautiful cedar board desk, made by my husband and perfectly positioned in front of two big windows. Shelving units on both sides and white walls waiting for frames and pictures. It's still a work in progress.


In addition to photographing the beautiful, little things you find in nature, you also make fashion accessories such as scarves and necklaces. What will your next project be?

Yes, I used to make jewellery and hand dyed scarves, but not anymore. I’m more focused on selling my prints. Someday I would love to expand and incorporate some home accessories as well as wood and ceramic objects. For now, I think I’ll incorporate some nature illustrations and work on expanding with wholesale accounts.

What music are you currently listening to on high rotation?

Lullabies, all day long!


Feathers or leaves?

That’s a tough, leaves!


Thank you Romina.