Kitchen Wall Art:
A Feast for the Eyes
Kitchen Wall Art:
A Feast for the Eyes

The perfect recipe for a tasteful kitchen

The perfect recipe for a tasteful kitchen

Fancy food blogs, scrumptious street food stalls, and meticulously staged, instagrammable dishes all show that food has truly evolved into an artform. The aesthetics of eating have taken centre stage—kitchen décor included. The kitchen is the heart of every home. It's a room for cosy cooking evenings, magnificent feasts, and Sunday brunches. We put together the perfect recipe for a stylish, art-filled kitchen—a real feast for the eyes that’s sure to spice up your walls.

The essence of good taste

1 healthy portion of furniture
3 drops of colour
1 pinch of inspiration


Are you more the rustic country house type or a fan of the industrial chic look? When it comes to kitchen décor ideas, there are endless possibilities. However, renowned blogs, interior magazines and Pinterest all agree: natural materials are in. Marble and wood meet rattan and slate for a wholesome and organic interior that oozes life. But concrete worktops and metal fronts in a rust-look are also welcome to the party. Once you’ve found your style combination, you can add some new zest to your kitchen with just a few tweaks.

A dining table with a modern cork top, an eclectic mix of vintage flea market chairs, or a fresh lick of wall paint can make all the difference. Even changing the room layout or adding a new coat to your kitchen cabinets can breathe fresh life into your interior. If ultra violet, Pantone’s Color of the Year 2018, is a tad too trendy for your taste, you can always fall back on natural and pastel shades like blackberry, forest green, and rosewood, all of which are celebrating rightfully deserved comebacks this year.

Just try out different things until your décor is al dente and don’t be afraid of unusual colour or material combinations. Experimenting is half the fun!


The icing on the cake

A handful of posters
4 bunches of plants


Once the basic ingredients are mixed, you’re ready for the preserves. Plants, posters, and personal items such as souvenirs from jaunts abroad and charming doodles from the little ones give every kitchen an individual touch.

Whether it’s humorous recipe ideas, modern still lifes, or abstract appetizers by Carolin Löbbert, kitchen art can really spice up those bare walls. From sweet and fruity flavours to hot and fiery tastes, the right wall art is sure to spark conversation at your next dinner party or muster a smile over a morning cup of java.

Our insider tip: vegan blogger duo Eat this! captures radishes, passion fruits, and avocados magically on film. Seasonal and regional is the order of the day—a motto that strikes a chord with a foodie-generation geared towards sustainability. The result is a collection of photographs that are as trendy as they are tasty.

For food-lovers with green fingers, you can’t go wrong with plant prints. Herb gardens, tomato shrubs, and freshly cut flowers bring floral life into your kitchen for a fruitful cooking atmosphere. Perfect for stimulating your culinary creativity and appetite.


The dirty work

5 litres of soapy water
1 portion of motivation
The right tools


After the dust settles from every cooking session, bake-a-thon, and feast, a mountain of dirty dishes remains to be tackled. Your beautifully prepared kitchen shouldn’t lose any of its shine and glamour, after all—it should continue to dazzle for years to come. With the right tools, even cleaning, rinsing, tidying, and repeating won’t feel like a chore.

Olive oil reserves been depleted for days? Certain family members or flatmates dodging those dirty dishes? Organisation is half the battle so divide up kitchen duties and tasks on an art-filled wall calendar. Geometric shapes and floral patterns are particularly en vogue and make for nice colourful accents when set against a reduced, minimalist kitchen.

A mug with a motivating mantra or a beautifully decorated plate is the perfect addition to any kitchen, and something you’ll cherish and wash up without grumbling—for a prized mug has a special place in any heart.

Kitchen wall art in the form of splash-proof acrylic prints sporting beach or forest motifs can also bring fresh wind into your washing-up-sails. Placed above the sink or stove, they provide visual incentives for scrubbing, taking you on thought journeys and daydream voyages galore.

Those who surround themselves with beauty also want to preserve it. And perhaps herein lies the secret of those spotless kitchens of friends and family in which we—ever so slightly enviously—spend so many wonderful evenings.

In this spirit: bon appétit. It’s time to prepare your own delicious dream kitchen.


Text: Ina Schulze
Translation: Nicholas Potter