Babeth Lafon loves the female form, fashion, make-up and all things feminine. The Parisian artist moved to Berlin in 2008, and works as a freelance illustrator for Marie Claire, Glamour, L’Oreal and many other clients. Her trademarks are pastel colours, sensual imagery and a lightness of touch, which imparts an aspect of her personality into her work. She allowed us to visit her home studio and take a look at life in the wonderful world of Babeth Lafon.

What techniques and mediums do you use to create your art?

I usually start sketching in a notebook and do all the final artwork on my Cintiq 13HD, a graphic tablet/screen you draw directly on.


Is there an artist, musician, person that has influenced you?

So many in a lot of various ways... Recently I discovered Christine and the Queens, I saw her live in Berlin, and I thought to myself if I would have been a singer i would have been her. She touches me so deeply that there is no barrier between me and her, at least in my heart. When I hear her music and watch her dance, me and her are the same thing.


What research do you do?

I'm constantly doing research on many subjects depending on the commissions I'm working on, and also anything I'm personally interested in at the moment. I'm always on the look for "visual crushes" to use in my work. It can be a combination of colour, some pattern from a certain country or period, fashion, ceramics, packaging, the way people move or dress...etc. I collect images online and objects in real life, which I use sooner or later in my work. Most of my work, commissioned or not, contains elements of my life.


What’s your background? Did you study art?

I studied Applied Arts, and then Visual Communication and Graphic Design, in Paris. My art students years were a lot of fun and very important, as I realised i wasn't "alone". I had found my element, and my peers.


What jobs have you done other than being an artist?

I have done a lot of jobs during my studies, and before I chose to become a freelance illustrator... in that order I was a sale assistant in Paris, a dishwasher in London, a cleaning lady and a hairdresser in Greece, and a graphic designer in Austria and Germany before I became an illustrator.

What work do you most enjoy doing?

I mostly like doing my own work, my personal work. I often develop small series of illustrations, they are somehow the traces of my mind connecting ideas. A tangible form of what excites me/touches me/bothers me at that particular moment. Most of the time, this work is the base for all the rest, because I always promote myself with personal work. I found out people are very attracted with the work you do on your own time, the one you do for fun.


What themes do you pursue?

I'm interested in daily life poetry, emotions, and how to connect to others through them.


What is your dream project?

I want to become an author illustrator, to write and illustrate my own books...


Thanks Babeth!