From the picturesque city of Bergen, Andreas Lie merges photographs of people, animals and landscapes to create beautiful works that celebrate nature. We sat down over a beer and had a conversation about double exposure, hiking and the city of the 7 mountains.

Hi Andreas, what are you drinking?

I am a beer person so I'm drinking pale ale made by 7Fjell (7 mountains), a local brewery from Bergen.


Bergen is known as `the city of seven mountains`. What about this city is special to you?

I have been living here for almost four years now. I'm originally from Haugesund, a coastal town about three hours south of Bergen. I moved up here for my degree. I love the nature and the landscapes and the countless hiking trails are great sources of inspiration. Bergen is the second largest city in Norway so it has a lot more cultural activities to offer, compared to where I grew up.


You have a very deep connection to landscapes and animals. Tell us a little bit more about how they came to be your main subjects of choice.

I have always loved both, so it happened naturally that my work took this direction. I think all humans have a connection to landscapes and animals, even if many of us are city dwellers.


In a lot of your work you of re-create the effect of double exposed photographs. What is it about this stylistic device that fascinates you so much?

Almost everything I have made since I began working on art prints back in May 2014 is based on layering. As a style it really resonates with my audience. Combining and overlapping images is a great opportunity to create new concepts. It has an effect on the viewer.


Some of your work is a result of a collaborations with other artists. Tell us a little bit about the different experiences you have had working with different individuals and how this affects the final piece.

In most of my collaborations, the artists I was working with provided the photographs and then let me edit them. It’s always done in a way that respects both the photographer’s and my own style. It’s interesting to use different artists’ styles because everyone brings their own unique perspective to the mix.


If you had the opportunity to go hiking in the forest with a famous person of your choice, who would it be?

I'd like to go anywhere with Karl Pilkinton just to hear what he had to say. I would also like to go hiking with German artist Patrick Monatsberger, one of my favourite landscape photographers.

What is the biggest challenge you have faced in your career as an artist so far?

Luckily I haven't had to face any huge challenges yet. I think the biggest so far have been dealing with accounting and finding a balance between my studies and my work as a freelancer.

If we were to walk into your workspace now, what would we see?

You would immediately be able to tell that I'm a student; a kitchen table with some old bananas, two computers, a couple of books and a bunch of papers.


Name three things you could never live without.

Music, artwork and food.


Bear or fox?

I love both cats and dogs and I feel that a fox is a mix of the two. When I go on sites like Imgur it seems like everyone except me has a fox as a pet. I want one, even though I have heard that they stink.


Thanks Andreas!